Registration open for the SEED South Africa Symposium 2019

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Fuelling Entrepreneurship for a Climate-Smart and Socially Inclusive Green Economy
2 – 3rd April, The Innovation Hub, Pretoria

As many other countries, South Africa is facing challenges in operationalising its climate change mitigation targets for Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs) to the Paris Agreement and linking sustainable development with ambitious adaptation efforts. At the same time, poverty alleviation and the reduction of inequalities and unemployment remain key priorities in South Africa’s National Development Plan (NDP). As a UN PAGE (Partnership for Action on Green Economy) country since 2015 and host of the UN PAGE Ministerial Conference in January 2019 in Cape Town, South Africa is increasingly taking responsibility for leading the transition towards a socially inclusive, green economy.

Climate-smart and socially inclusive enterprises provide market-based solutions which help to enhance the adaptive capacities of the South African economy and society and bear immense potential to drive this transition. However, many small and growing enterprises are unable to scale-up in light of significant barriers to accessing tailored advisory services, financing instruments and policy frameworks.

How can we strategically fuel the success of climate-smart and socially inclusive enterprises in South Africa through excellent business development support and tailored financing instruments?

The SEED South Africa Symposium will bring together around 150 enterprises, financial institutions, policy-makers and business development service providers to develop innovative approaches and partnerships. The event is part of the implementation of “Building an Ecosystem for Social and Environmental Entrepreneurship in South Africa”, a project supported by the Government of Flanders.

Highlights of the 2019 Symposium:

  • SEED BDS Standard process presentation showcases how the regulation and certification of Business Development Support+ services have been streamlined in South Africa.
  • SEED Award Winner Ceremony honours outstanding eco-inclusive enterprises from all over the world.
  • Interactive Prototyping Sessions provide a platform for ground-breaking financing and policy solutions co-developed by stakeholders from business, politics, academia and civil society.
  • Inspiring Panel and Roundtable Discussions catalyse ideas on successful business development for micro, small and medium-sized eco-inclusive enterprises.
  • Special session on Finance and Financing for Social and Green Entrepreneurship equips enterprises with tools to manage finances and mobilise resources for enterprise development.
  • Enterprise and BDS+ Providers Exhibition showcase innovative entrepreneurial approaches and effective enterprise support to drive sustainable development and climate action.