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In all of our projects we thrive to deliver the best outcome possible,constantly refining our methodologies.

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Indalo Inclusive South Africa has implemented a variety of projects for South African and international donors. Below you can read more information about the specific projects.

(SAYCIA) The South African Youth Climate Innovation Awards

UNDP_accelerator_labs_logo_vertical_color_CMYKProgramme partners: British High Commission & Mail and Guardian

The South African Youth Climate Innovation Awards was implemented as a part of the British High Commission’s communication and awareness efforts over the COP26 conference that took place in November in Glasgow the United Kingdom. The central objective of SAYCIA was to raise awareness of the climate change challenges that are being faced in South Africa with a strong focus on youth inclusion and providing a voice to the youth that are combatting these issues head-on. In order to open the discussion around what resources and support, they need in order to try and encourage innovation and entrepreneurship that is focused on finding solutions.


Indalo Inclusive South Africa NPC implemented the SAYCIA Programme from its inception in August 2021 till its completion in February 2022. The Thematic focus areas which include energy, agriculture, water, waste, and ecosystem restoration allowed for Indalo to facilitate the selection of the 26 youth innovators which were decided on

via public vote and the SAYCIA reference group. The project unearthed 26 youth climate innovators that have or are trying to turn their innovations into viable businesses, therefore, becoming part of eco-inclusive sustainable entrepreneurship, this is a clear indication that innovative climate-smart entrepreneurship is our vehicle to address the country’s triple challenges. Poverty, unemployment, and inequality are some of the greatest challenges of our time.

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Our winners for 2022

Contact us at +27 81 813 5167  for any assistance with SAYCIA.

(FWL) Indalopreneur Food Waste and Loss Enterprise Support and Grant Programme

UNDP_accelerator_labs_logo_vertical_color_CMYKIndalo Inclusive South Africa NPC in partnership with the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) has launched the Indalopreneur Food Waste and Loss Enterprise Support and Grant Programme.

The Indalopreneur Food Waste and Loss Enterprise Support and Grant Programme aims to support new business ideas and emerging businesses in Food Waste, based in the OR Tambo, eThekwini and Waterberg municipalities, by engaging with and supporting the local innovation ecosystem to explore, test and scale grassroots solutions. The purpose of this project is to enhance cooperative governance, through the implementation of circular economy interventions, to address food insecurity and sustainable consumption, as well as to build back greener in response to the impacts of Covid-19.

This will be done through a multisectoral partnership with the private sector, government, and civil society organisations, and will be implemented in three local municipalities (OR Tambo, Waterberg, and eThekwini) as part of the District Development Model. Enterprise support will be provided through business exposure workshops, participation in the 2- month Indalovator incubation programme, and access to grant funding for the creation of replicable and scalable minimal viable products (MVPs).

The programme aims to:

  • Identify and scale innovative solutions in Food Waste and Loss
  • Provide limited but targeted financial support to emerging entrepreneurs in the Food Waste and Loss sub-sector
  • Empower youth and women- led SMME’s

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(LACOMPSA) SMME and Supplier Development Programme for: Land Claimants Communities in Protected Areas of South Africa



The Land Claimant Communities in Protected Areas of South Africa (LACOMPSA) is the SMME Incubation Project targeted at benefiting six (6) land claimant communities in Mpumalanga and Limpopo Provinces of South Africa within areas close to the Kruger National Park (KNP). The project is supported by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) though the Global Environment Facility Project under the theme improving management effectiveness of the protected Area Network. The KNP is the site of several land claims by communities living adjacent to the park. Through this project, SANParks desired to meet the requirements of its mandate and mission whilst also having to respond to the pressing need of achieving redress by satisfying its obligation to land claimants – whose land claims cover a considerable area of the KNP.

The project has to date, reached over 120 aspiring entrepreneurs with interest to start their own sustainable tourism and social enterprises, has trained over 54 starter enterprises and 10 growth phase or catalyser enterprises.  All the entrepreneurs who participated on the programme are from land claimants and non-land claimants communities neigbouring the Kruger National Park.

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(JTEP) Indalopreneur Just Transition Enterprise Support Programme

J-TEP (Indalopreneur Just Transition Enterprise Support Programme): The Indalopreneurs Just Transition Enterprise Support Programme (I-JTEP) is implemented as a part of the Strategic Partnership for the implementation of the Paris Agreement (SPIPA) Programme. Financially supported by the European Union’s Partnership Instrument and the German Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation, and Nuclear Safety (BMU) in the context of the International Climate Initiative (IKI).

The central objective of the I-JTEP is to support innovation and entrepreneurship focusing on finding solutions to support South African efforts to move and to enable a just transition. The programme aims to support new innovative business ideas of existing or established enterprises in renewable energy, energy efficiency, agriculture, water, transportation, industrial technology and tourism within the coal-dependent communities and value chains of the Limpopo and Mpumalanga provinces. The Programme has capacitated 10 Enterprises with financial support and 3 months enterprise development support.

DFC Youth Pilot Initiative (Driving Force for Change youth pilot Initiative) The Indalopreneurs Just Transition: The Driving Force for Change youth pilot initiative aims to provide support to youth led initiatives which would support South African efforts towards a low carbon, climate resilient, inclusive and resource efficient future.

Indalopreneurs Just Transition Enterprise Support Programme (I-JTEP) has committed to provide the successful DFC youth Support Initiative applicants with dedicated technical and strategic business planning and mentorship support over a period of 3 months to strengthen a more environmentally friendly and socially inclusive economy in South Africa through entrepreneurship.

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(SiAWECCA) The South African Women Entrepreneurs Climate Change Awards

SiAWECCA (The South African Women Entrepreneurs Climate Change Awards): The South African Women Entrepreneurs Climate Change Awards (SiAWECCA) are South Africa’s first women entrepreneurship award focused on showcasing the most innovative climate smart women owned enterprises in South Africa. The awards are hosted by Indalo Inclusive in partnership with Gender CC Southern Africa, The Innovation Hub-Climate Innovation Centre SA and the United Nations Environment Programme. The aim of the award is to promote entrepreneurial mind-set activities that advance a green economy transition in South Africa whilst supporting gender equality.  The project is currently incubating four (4) award recipients who are receiving capacity building through an enterprise development programme and financial support in a form of a grant.  The SiAWECCA 2nd cohort will be launched in 2nd half of 2021.

(IKS) Indigenous Knowledge Systems



Commissioned by the Department of Fisheries, Forestry and the Environment and Limpopo Economic Development, Environment and Torisim (LEDET), funded by the deutsche gesellschaft für internationale zusammenarbeit (GIZ), implemented by Indalo Inclusive and piloted in the Limpopo province; the IKS project is aimed at conceptualizing indigenous knowledge systems when responding to climate change issues. South Africa acknowledges that effective climate change responses need to be informed by a diverse range of information and/or data sets at grassroot level and have realized the lack of participation from indigenous people when formulating climate change responses. The objective of this initiative is aimed at increasing participation of indigenous knowledge in when formulating climate change response policies. The targeted stakeholders for this project are the indigenous knowledge holders, traditional health practitioners, communities and traditional leadership which to date were consulted through various stakeholder engagements in the Limpopo province.

STV (Sustainable Tourism Value Chain Integration)

The Joint Venture Partnership between Old Mutual, IDC, Mont d’Or Hotel Group,

Wild Olive Tree Cooperative (Muthlwarini Cooperative), and Indalo Inclusive South Africa is designed to create a sustainable tourism operation that takes advantage of a huge demand for accommodation and leisure activities outside of two of the biggest tourist in and outflow areas of the Kruger National Park (KNP); the Orpen Gate and the Manyeleti Game Reserve Gate. The partnership further seeks to integrate principles of social inclusion and community empowerment through enterprise and supplier development initiatives. This is geared to benefit the Welverdiend Community which borders the 55ha piece of land upon which the operations are proposed and currently taking place. The program specifically aims to support 10 enterprises over four months through capacity building and financial support. Inherent within these enterprises and supplier activities will be a coherent ethos of responsible and green business practices that will be established through rigorous training and mentorship that will be provided by Indalo Inclusive.

RWC (Resilience in Wildlife Communities for the Social and Green Economy Programme)

Resilience in Wildlife Communities for the Social and Green Economy Programme supports enterprises to understand and implement strategies for business sustainability and resilience which assists enterprises to develop a framework to harness the opportunities presented by alternative value chains for inclusive and sustainable growth within the Greater Kruger Landscape. The programme has incubated 10 enterprises from communities surrounding the Greater Kruger National Park over 4 months through capacity building and financial support.

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Indalopreneur South African Green and Inclusive Enterprise Awards & Support Programme

Indalo Inclusive South Africa NPC in partnership with the Nedbank Foundation launched the Indalopreneur South African Green and Inclusive Enterprise Awards & Support Programme. 

The South African Green and Inclusive Enterprise Awards and support Programme” aims to support innovative entrepreneurial solutions to contribute to the evidence base for climate change bringing about a climate resilient society and an inclusive green economy, which addresses the country’s triple challenges of poverty, unemployment and inequality. 

The Indalopreneur – South African Green and Inclusive Enterprise Awards and Support Programme addresses social ills through an innovative and holistic approach by systematically and continuously strengthening capacities, organisational resilience and sustainability impact potential of green and inclusive enterprises while promoting the relevance of climate change and entrepreneurial solutions. Strategic and direct support for green and inclusive enterprises within the water, energy, agriculture, and waste sectors will be provided through the Innovation Proof (Indalovator), Growth Phase (Indalogrow) and Accelerator (Indaloaccel) – based on tested and proven Indalo adapted models. Additionally, the programme focuses on strengthening the ecosystem of green enterprises through prototyping, testing & showcasing, financing, and support instruments.

The programme aims to:

  • Provide limited but targeted financial support to emerging entrepreneurs across South Africa
  • Empower youth and women- led SMME’s
  • Improve the flow of information to small businesses

Implement Industry based programmes to support small businesses

Reaping the Potential of Entrepreneurship for a Climate-Smart Inclusive Green Economy in South Africa

Donor: Government of Flanders
Project Start Date: 2019-01-01
Project End Date: 2021-12-31
Project Location: South Africa

While over the past two decades South Africa has become a middle-income country and an emerging economy, poverty and inequalities remain high in global comparison, with unemployment averaging 26%, nearly 50% among youth (Statistics South Africa 2018), and a Gini coefficient of around 63 in 2014 (World Bank). At the same time, the country faces massive environmental challenges, which are closely linked to the adverse effects of climate change. The challenges linked to climate change limit future economic prosperity and societal well-being, as they have begun to impact resource availability and economic development, hitting hardest those at the base of the pyramid (BoP). Accordingly, there is a great potential for the proliferation of climate-smart enterprises to assist in adapting to climate change effects to address social and economic needs.

In this context, the project “Reaping the Potential of Entrepreneurship for a Climate-Smart Inclusive Green Economy in South Africa” intends to support innovative entrepreneurial solutions to contribute to the evidence base for climate change adaptation (CCA), bringing about a climate-resilient society and an inclusive green economy, which addresses the country’s triple challenges of poverty, unemployment, and inequality.

This is a three-year project implemented by Indalo Inclusive in partnership with the Innovation Hub-The Climate Innovation Centre South Africa and is supported by the Government of Flanders aimed to achieve this overall objective: Climate resilience of South African rural communities is sustainably enhanced through a market-led approach of strengthening innovative, economically viable climate-smart enterprises making available solutions for climate change adaptation and shaping a conducive ecosystem for climate-smart enterprises.

The project also aims to achieve the below specific objectives:

  • An increased number of climate-smart enterprises replicates and innovates solutions for climate change adaptation to reduce the climate vulnerability of local communities and businesses.
  • Enhanced performance of small and growing enterprises contributing to climate change adaptation accelerates their climate change adaptation impacts and their contributions to a green and inclusive South African economy
  • An enabling environment (regulatory frameworks, support services, policy implementation) for climate-smart enterprises is strengthened and stimulates private-sector driven climate change adaptation in South Africa
  • The engagement of multiple actors in CCA is promoted, creating additional initiatives and support/financing mechanisms for CCA and climate-smart enterprises

Since its inception in 2019, the Programme has incubated 11 Post Proof of Concept Phase enterprises involved in the Climate Adaptation and Green Economy. An additional cohort of the posted proof of concept enterprises will be implemented in 2021-2022. In addition, the Programme has trained over 60 Starter level entrepreneurs and will train additional 60 Starter level entrepreneurs within the 3 years of project implementation in the Limpopo, Mpumalanga, Kwa-Zulu Natal, and the Eastern provinces of the country.  To strengthen the BDS support to our entrepreneurs, two (2) Training of Trainers have been implemented in the 1st and 2nd years of the project implementation with a total of 44 Business Development Service Providers equipped to support eco-inclusive enterprises.  In addition, the implementation of the Climate Finance and Policy workshops have begun, and the first workshops took place in the Eastern Cape and Limpopo Provinces respectively. Findings from both workshops are consolidated and will be utilized further in the development of concept notes for mobilization of resources and partnerships for project implementation for Limpopo and the Eastern Cape provinces. Further small working groups will continue with key actors in the development of the concept notes between June and September 2021.  These processes are implemented with the African Centre for the Green Economy who is a key technical and knowledge partner of the project as well as other regionally based organizations such as the Eastern Cape Development Corporation (ECDC) and others