Hosting of SEED SOUTH AFRICA to promote entrepreneurship for sustainable development.

How We Work

Strengthen Enterprise Ecosystems

We work with partners at the national and international level to enhance the quality and capacities of business development service (BDS) providers. This improves the business environment of social and environmental enterprises, facilitating access to advisory services and ultimately, access to finance. This, we do through the provision of toolkits, the implementation of Training of Trainers and the co-development of an international standard for BDS providers.


Shaping Green and Inclusive Policies

We gather evidence on how social and environmental enterprises grow, which barriers they face and which measurable impacts they achieve. Thus, it provides key insights for national and international policy-makers. This promotes enabling frameworks and improved market conditions for social and environmental enterprises. Through these policy insights, we advocate the development and implementation of green and inclusive private sector policies accelerating entrepreneurial solutions to policy- and decision-makers.

Building Partnerships for Impact 

Indalo Inclusive in corporation with adelphi host Symposia, National Dialogue Fora and Workshops that stimulate an exchange of experiences and peer-learning while also triggering South-South collaboration. This enhances partnerships between and within all involved stakeholders to support the systemic uptake of entrepreneurial solutions to social and environmental problems.