Eco- Inclusive entrepreneurship is a paradigm-shifting concept from everyday entrepreneurship. It teaches the values of business and enterprise in harmony with equity and the environment. Climate-smart and inclusive green entrepreneurship are essential for establishing business support and laying a structure for entrepreneurs who desire to manage good businesses with a particular focus on environmental and social impact.

Entrepreneurship development is a fundamental part of the economic fabric and plays a critical role in furthering growth, innovation, and prosperity. However, it is evident that local enterprises are highly vulnerable to external risks, and economic and environmental shocks.

The 2021 competitiveness outlook report by the International Trade Centre (ITC) shows that during Covid 60% of medium and 57% of small enterprises were strongly affected, compared to 43% of larger companies. When it comes to exposure to environmental and climate risks, 68% of African enterprises have responded to be concerned about it, but only 38% are taking measures to adapt, compared to 60% of larger companies [2371 (].


The Indalo Annual Symposium will attract Industry experts, Civil Society, Government Agencies, policymakers, and the private sector to explore and understand past development, present actions, and future directions of resilient and adaptive capacities toward a just and green economy transition in South Africa.


The event will provide an opportunity to share the roadmaps to an inclusive green economy and a just transition, the role of Government in designing all-inclusive and evidence-based policies, the responsibility of corporate organizations, and where opportunities are for green entrepreneurship.


Why Should you Attend the Symposium?


Climate Change is already a measurable reality and along with other developing countries, South Africa is especially vulnerable to its impacts.

Have the opportunity to contribute and learn technical insights into the Just Transition and green economy in a South African context.

Meet and network with key stakeholders involved in various efforts for an adaptive, resilient, and just transition to a green economy in South Africa.


The overall objective of the Indalo Symposium is to bring together entrepreneurs, practitioners, policymakers, academia, public, and the private sector to:


Create an interactive platform for entrepreneurs, donors, and policy makers to share experiences, best practices and lessons learned; in advancing the green economy


Scope out the challenges entrepreneurs face in adapting to climate change, building on, and exploring green climate finance


Learn how public and private actors can engage entrepreneurs in innovation efforts to combat climate change, and strengthen climate adaptation programs to ensure we accelerate the transition to a low-carbon economy


Exchange experience in practical ways to promote innovation, creativity, and decent work for all through the promotion of green and inclusive entrepreneurship

Discussions will focus on the following questions (non-exhaustive)


What are the mechanisms that promote Green Entrepreneurship?


What existing entrepreneurship are currently led by Indalo and the opportunities to co-create?


How can entrepreneurs access climate finance to advance?


What tools can be developed or strengthened at local, national, regional and global levels to scale impacts of green entrepreneurship development?


What are the gaps, opportunities and demands for transforming informal green stratus into more formalised business entities?


What are the potential entry points, in terms of innovation, industrialization, education and nurturing an eco-inclusive enterprise culture?

Expected Outcomes

The Indalo Inclusive Symposium features a mix of plenary and thematic sessions, workshops, demos, exhibitions, and networking opportunities to catalyze the impact of local eco-inclusive entrepreneurship. It is expected to generate forward-looking outcomes in the following areas:


Incubation of new ideas showcasing different workstreams and opening opportunities for partnerships


Communities of practice share best practices for a diverse group of ecosystem players, including local knowledge, the role of youth, gender, just transition, climate finance, enterprise monitoring and evaluation, engaging the private sector etc.


Enhanced knowledge on latest opportunities, and challenges of enterprises operating in the green economy and just transition.


Exploration and expanding of strategic partnerships

Contributing Partners

The Indalo Inclusive Symposium 2023 is proudly supported by the Government of Flanders and Nedbank.

Sponsorship Opportunities

The Indalo Symposium is made possible by sponsors and partners who generously demonstrate their organization’s support for green entrepreneurship Development within South Africa.

Email: or call: 072 632 8593 to find out more about the sponsorship opportunities available to showcase and become a supporting partner of the event.

Join Us

As we showcase the impact and call for equitable, sustainable economic recoveries and discuss the necessary steps we need to take to address the devastating social and environmental impacts of the climate crisis before us. 

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