Our Team

is driven by a sincere passion to collaborate

We are a verstaile team of experts who can help you achieve the impact you aim for.
Rest Kanju
Rest KanjuManaging Director, Head of National Operationsrest@indaloinclusive.org.za
Vivian Kgaphola
Vivian KgapholaProgrammes Coordinatorvivian@indaloinclusive.org.za
Farai Mauchaza
Farai MauchazaFinance Coordinatorfarai@indaloinclusive.org.za
As Indalo Inclusive is regularly implementing training and capacity building programmes we have strong partnerships with a variety of local Bussiness Development Service Proviers, who have been trained in our methodology and serve as Associates in our team, sharing our vision and values while helping us deliver performance at its excellence.
Lusanele Mahlutshana
Lusanele MahlutshanaBDS Provider, Eastern Cape
Ruth Mthabine
Ruth MthabineBDS Provider, Limpopo & Mpumalanga
Div de Villiers
Div de VilliersBDS Provider & Standards Development Speacialist
With Indalo Inclusive being the official Hosting Partner of SEED in South Africa, we have strong ties with our European partners at the global Hosting Partner of SEED, adelphi research, who serve as Associates and regularly deploy staff to our offices to ensure a constant exchange of ideas and inclusive collaboration to jointly develop both entities further.
Rainer Agster
Rainer AgsterSEED Director Operationsrainer.agster@seed.uno
Jona Liebl
Jona LieblSEED Head of Programmesjona.liebl@seed.uno
Christine Meyer
Christine MeyerSEED Enterprise Support Specialistchristine.meyer@seed.uno
Marion Müller vom Berge
Marion Müller vom BergeSEED Compliance & Events Specialistmarion.mueller.vom.berge@seed.uno
Katrin Bauermeister
Katrin BauermeisterSEED Compliance Specialistkatrin.bauermeister@seed.uno