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South African non-profit company.

Our Story

Indalo Inclusive South Africa is a Not-for-Profit company established with a mandate to support and promote social, green, inclusive, and responsible entrepreneurship in South Africa.

Established and registered in South Africa in November 2017, the official launch of Indalo Inclusive took place on Friday, 19 January, in its offices at the Innovation Hub in Pretoria. The launch is a milestone in providing direct support to South African enterprises and aspiring entrepreneurs that thrive at the intersection of the green and the social economy.

What We Do

Indalo which stands for “creation”, “nature” and “ecology” in isiZulu- is responsible for implementing Entrepreneurial projects that strengthen a more environmentally friendly and socially inclusive economy in the country through capacity building, dialogue and policy consulting.

At Indalo we are convinced that on the way to an inclusive green economy in South Africa a key pillar is the greening and “going sustainable” of conventional enterprises, but even more so is the promotion, advancement and strengthening of eco-inclusive entrepreneurship – entrepreneurship that integrates social, environmental and economic impacts around the core value proposition of the enterprise, or how we would call it Indalopreneurship.

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