About Indalo Inclusive

We are a energeticmission-drivenhands-oncollaborativeSouth African non-profit company.

Building on several works of successful work in South Africa, SEED took the promotion of eco-inclusive entrepreneurship in the country to the next level and inaugurated its first office on the African continent - Indalo Inclusive South Africa NPC.

Established and registered in South Africa as non-profit company in November 2017, the official launch of Indalo Inclusive took place on Friday, 19 January, in its offices at the Innovation Hub in Pretoria. The launch is a milestone in providing direct support to South African enterprises and aspiring entrepreneurs that thrive at the intersection of the green and the social economy. 

Indalo which stands for "creation", "nature" and "ecology" in isiZulu- is the official Hosting Partner of SEED South Africa and responsible for implementing SEED projects as well as other projects that strengthen a more environmentally friendly and socially inclusive economy in the country through capacity building, dialogue and policy consulting.

The establishment of Indalo Inclusive aligns with the overall SEED strategy: expanding the focus on local capacity building that has been the major building block in the SEED programme for many years already by creating local collaborating centres to further strengthen the presence and local ownership of SEED activities in key target countries.

SEED South Africa aims to create a national community of successful eco-inclusive enterprises providing increased business opportunities for the enterprises themselves and for the wider business community. SEED South Africa has been privileged to be anchored from the beginning to the Department of Environmental Affairs (DEA), which has always been the forerunner in the field of eco-inclusive entrepreneurship in South Africa.

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